Reviewer: Anthony Pomes

Perfection remains a kind of Holy Grail for those who hope to do something so well that its execution can stand sturdily unto itself — utterly unblemished by the rest of the universe, and held infinitely beyond all manner of reproach. Yet, there’s the rub when it…

by Thalma Lobel

Reviewer: Anthony Pomes

The weekend before I received this book to review, I had re-watched a Woody Allen film from 2009 starring Larry David titled Whatever Works. Perhaps influenced by the rampant pessimism displayed by David’s character throughout much of that movie, my immediate thought was that…

Reviewer: Anthony Pomes

I admit, without a shred of shame, that I have watched Stanley Kubrick’s films repeatedly during my nearly five decades rooted to this vast spinning globe. The pattern was set at age 11, when a “pan-scan” VHS copy of his 1968 legendary sci-fi masterpiece, 2001: A Space…

Deep Inside Valley of the Dolls, the Most Beloved Bad Book
and Movie of All Time
by Stephen Rebello
Reviewer: Anthony Pomes

Who among us can take a shower without thinking of composer Bernard Herrmann’s high-pitch shrieking violins from Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller, Psycho? At the same time, who has ever…

by Joseph J. Luciani, PhD
Reviewer: Anthony Pomes

Full disclosure: Please note that your humble reviewer finished reading this book exactly thirty-five days ago. He knows this for a fact because that was when he began the “mind-brain unlearning” process for himself, outlined wonderfully by author and internationally esteemed psychologist…

How a Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better by Ted W. Baxter

Reviewer: Anthony Pomes


Reach a certain age, and “fear” seems to become the chief theme of “life” — two four-letter words stretched tight atop the void. From our first cradle stirrings, a fear of death is buried so deeply in our DNA that it remains a largely existential…

by Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Reviewer: Anthomy Pomes

Recently, amid the continued abject horror that is the Coronavirus, I agreed to play a game of Monopoly with my equally-stuck-at-home family. The eventual, and total, decimation of my board game liquidity — along with the collapse of my fledging hotel properties, including Park Place — was…

Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends — and, of course, human beings. Women have the potential to place themselves in any or all of these roles, as per the dictates of modern Western society. They are also, however, something else in daily life — they are colleagues, or “co-workers,” to use…

Reviewer: Anthony Pomes

There’s a moment in Alan Zweibel’s delightful new book, Laugh Lines, set at the home of famed director Rob Reiner and his wife, Michele. They are screening for friends and family some restored footage of classic comedy TV sketches from Your Show of Shows and Caesar’s Hour

If there is a worse time in history than during the Covid-19 pandemic to review a book that ties the lessons of extreme wildlife adventure to an excellence in one’s business skills, I truly don’t know when it would be — and I certainly hope it isn’t up ahead. With…

Anthony Pomes

Anthony Pomes has worked steadily as a freelance writer/editor and frequent ghost writer for more than two decades.

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